2033 ON THE CREEK     Location  Winnipeg, MB Date 2015   Status Built

2033 On The Creek was developed as a 4 storey, 39 unit condominium living option within a mature Winnipeg community at a premium location. There is a substantial shift in the share of new housing units away from single-family and towards apartment/condo multi-family units. This design intent of the building was to provide convenient access to recreation and services with a low-maintenance lifestyle that is attractive to several demographic groups: longtime residents who have raised a family in the community and are now ready to cash in the equity in their homes; young professionals who either grew up or work in the area; and recently separated people looking to re-establish a home base. 

This infill site maximizes the use of existing civic infrastructure and is consistent with the City’s land use and development plan. It will meet the growing trend to allow the “boomer” generation to age-in-place, staying in familiar surroundings and keeping the same network of friends. The location overlooks scenic Bunn’s Creek and is on the doorstep of walking paths, boutique shops, grocery stores, professional and personal services.

This project was accepted into the Manitoba Hydro New Buildings Program 2.0 and is designed with an energy target of <10 ekWhr/ft² and to exceed the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings by at least 20%. 

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