COLD FEET      Location Winnipeg, MB Date 2015   Size 80 sf Status Conceptual Proposal

COLD FEET is a chapel of love - real, expired, unrequited - a place to contemplate, celebrate, hesitate ... the ultimate destination wedding. Nuptials welcome ... Las Vegas on ice. Attendees ascend the aisle and gather on pews, bathed in light filtered through moving champagne bubbles - intimate and ethereal. The site is the frozen union of two rivers - the perfect place for the meeting of two lovers. Married in a snow globe on ice at the heart of Winnipeg. Deep pink floor and benches warms bums, feet and perhaps hearts. As the winter wind blows through the fluted structure, the styrofoam bubbles swirl around and provide shelter for the happy couple. Messages and photos to be shared by lovers for lovers through the hashtag #coldfeetwpg.